cult of personality

So we saw the proof layout and edited our wedding photo album about a month ago! I should have written about it then, but lazy gets me every time.

We went down to Djamel's place in Ocala and he ordered in chinese food while we (I) went over every page and every picture. There are some more photos that he missed on the dvd's he burned us and I can't wait to get the album and the last disk to share with everyone (like the solo portraits of my bridesmaids, as well as my bridal portraits and more photos of Collin and me). He also let it slip that our wedding was being considered for the special weddings issue of Ocala Magazine. I didn't want to tell anyone because I didn't want to jinx it but he called me a couple weeks ago and they picked us!

Sadly, you see my face in none of the photos.
Just goes to show that editors and brides have very different taste. I still can't get why they didn't use the gorgeous image of the tree with all the guests instead of chelsea's cupcake tattoo. I mean, I love that shot, but in our album it's on a page of 8 photos, not a full spread. Plus, really? Cupcake tattoo and no photos where you see the bride?! Also, the entire wedding party didn't wear checkered Vans. Just me and the Mister. The guys and our dads just wore plain black.

lindsey + collin

Although Lindsey and Collin went to middle school together, it wasn’t until college friends (re)introduced them that their paths crossed again. (“We were both too shy to talk to each other back then,” remembers Lindsey.) It was early in 2005, when Lindsey came to Gainesville to visit Rachel (the future maid of honor), that she ran into Collin — a good friend and high school classmate of Rachel’s. He showed up at a party with his roommate Gabe (the future best man), the sparks flew, and soon after the friendship/flirtation turned into a long-distance romance. A year later, Lindsey packed up her things and moved to Gainesville, just a quarter mile away from Collin’s house. That December, Lindsey surprised Collin with a new drum set, and he surprised her with an engagement ring. Their do-it-yourself wedding was no less inventive: The earthy palette was inspired by the bride’s collection of antique glass (put to good use for the flowers and table d├ęcor); flowers ordered online were arranged by friends and family; the reception featured traditional favorites and a pizza bar; and the entire wedding party wore checkered Vans.

I do love that you see Collin looking so handsome and my sweet tattoo. Plus see that shot of our invitations in the bottom left? It's new to me! Part of me is kind of like, what the eff? I wanted all the photos when I thought I had all of them... but then I think, it's just extending the wedding excitement. Hopefully I'll have that album soon and can get the last disk with the wayward photos. I know my mom was sad not to see any real "portraits" of me among all our photos... she'll probably be a little sad not to see me in the magazine, either.