It's My Birthday

Gmail Chat August 11, 2010

Collin: i love you
  what a lovely life we have.
2:40 PM me: so wonderful!
  i really do wake up happy every day
 Collin: it's true
  i do too
  especially knowing that my life outside of home is improving as well
  with a new career and whatnot
  but i wouldn't change anything about you and me or where we are in life or in Gainesville or anything
2:42 PM me: me neither
  everything is just right
i'm pretty sure i have everything i wantCollin: well that makes it hard for getting your birthday gifts
2:43 PM me: that's why it's so hard to figure out something for my bday

Collin got the job.
He starts the 20th.
This is the best birthday present I could have ever hoped for but nothing I could have put on a wish list. The great intangible gift I've wanted for the both of us. I knew it would come, but the universe saved it for our 25th. Thanks.

We spent Saturday of Collin's birthday weekend accomplishing goals marathon-style in Orlando. Our day started at 8:30 when we dropped Early off at the vet for some checkup things, drove to Ikea to purchase our sleeper sofa, put that in the car, went back in Ikea to get the rest of what we came for, ate an amazing home-cooked lunch with chef Edgar and Christy at their new place, hopped over to the Mall at Millenia to buy Collin new clothes for his new job, then stopped by to visit my brother Asa and Kat (and friends) at their house before heading back up the turnpike northbound to scoop up Early Girl from her play date with Foster at Gabe and Jenn's and somehow fit a sleeper sofa, two people and a dog in my Ford Focus.
It was an exhausting day, but fun. And we were then able to do almost completely nothing on Collin's birthday except hang out, bbq burgers and go buy a (black) Wii.

Today I'm working on my own birthday, Collin is at the house finishing up a few things I've asked him to do for unpacking and probably working on these 'surprises' he says he has. I think this is the first birthday he has something up his sleeve that I didn't ask for. He knows I'm not that that hard to please and will usually just take me shopping so I can get whatever I want. He also knows I always have more fun planning surprises for other people (him) more.
Today I slept in 30 minutes later than usual, will eat Mexico Lindo enchiladas for lunch, hopefully be able to leave before 4 and then head home to relax with my love before he takes me out to The Warehouse for a birthday dinner date. I cook him whatever he wants for his birthday because he'd rather eat my food and he takes me out on mine because I always do the cooking. Then it's back home to do more of nothing and watch the finale of So You Think You Can Dance.

Turning 25 is going to rule. Life is moving right along and the view is getting better by the minute.