hello 2009

NYE was the jam.
Very fun, although I wish I'd been able to have a little more to drink. Plenty to eat though :D it was great to see all our friends stuffing their faces and talking about cross-dipping theories regarding the sweet potato latkes and basil dressing. It was a good crowd and not too big, a few people we invited who we really wanted to see didn't make it but overall, the night was a success.
It makes me want to have more parties.

I've been working on figuring out my new year's resolutions... it's hard.
I may make one of those 101 things in 1001 days lists that I see people making all over the internets.. 1001 days seems like a better timeline - but that's a lot of fucking things to do.

Maybe I will just try in the next year to:

Really, actually, 100% quit smoking cigarettes. I "quit" late last spring and haven't bought a pack since, even went over a month with zero smoking to get that hundred bucks from the boss man at work... but I still take drags from Collin's when we're on the porch and that means I haven't yet quit. I think I'm just being lazy.

Read 5 new books... and the His Dark Materials trilogy that I devoured in a week doesn't count. #1 will be Atlas Shrugged because I've been putting it off for years due to the small print and looming 1k+ pages. Whatevs, when I get into a book I could be done with that in days. Others may include the newest Palahniuck book that got a good review by my book soul-mate Regina when I saw her at the christmas party.

Get myself to start hitting the gym before work at least twice a week. I'm hoping I can get this going by March when it's not quite so cold. A reminder: I already wake at 6:40ish to get to work around 7:30. I'm guessing that to get to the gym, work out, and get to work by around 7:30 will require me to wake up on those days at 5:45 or so.
Not terrible, but I'll have to work it out so I don't mess with Gabe's normal morning routine of waking up around that time or shortly before to get to work by 6. Can I make it at 5:30?

Pay off 1/2 of my credit card debt. This is a big one, and it's going to be a bitch because I don't really have any extra money and I'm still sitting on debt incurred from those good ole college days when my loans and scholarships didn't really cover enough. Oh, and those couple months before the wedding where we kind of said fuck it and just put shit on the cards to deal with later because we needed all the cash for vendor payments, rent, and making up for each taking 2 weeks off work.

Finally, I really want to be a better employee. I do realize that I'm saying this while wasting half an hour lj-ing instead of working. Mostly I need to cut the frivolous wedding websites out of my habits since, you know, I'm kind of done with our wedding.

Oh, and Go Gators! Kick ass in Miami tonight, let's get another national championship title so I can run around celebrating with strangers in the streets. Yes, this is my husband and roommate battling to keep control of their "champion cock".
Let's make this year equally as badass.
Watching this makes me want to stop by XTC on my way home to keep the tradition alive - the original was destroyed by people trying to steal it. I think Gabe still has it in his room though.