Update: 101 in 1001

While Megan was in town from south Florida over Memorial Day weekend we packed a lot of fun into just three days.
So much that I was even able to cross a couple more things off the list.

#87 Visit the Natural History Museum (not butterfly part)
#88 Visit the Harn Museum of Fine Art

Both of these were accomplished, as well as the last part of #92, trying 6 new restaurants around town (thanks Shooting Star for great sushi and ridiculous happy hour drink deals).

Since I last updated the list at the beginning of May I can also cross off the following (or in my case, turn them pink):
#45 Go 2 weeks in a row without buying groceries
#47 Make a compost bin for outside and small container for daily use inside
I crossed off month 5 of #60 Quit smoking cigarettes for 6 full months. Now that one I will be most proud to finally finish at the end of this month.

Next to tackle will be fixing up that damn bike (aka #62). We sold another mountain bike from the garage last week but Collin decided he wants to keep the two Schwinn road bikes and my vintage sears 10-speed. That makes 5 bikes for two people. Only one of whom rides them at all so far. I would sell them in a heartbeat but he's the bike dude and it's true when he says that it would be nice to have bikes for friends when they are in town. We'll also be able to cross off #38, getting renters insurance, soon when we move. Can I also say it's been way too long since I've started this project not to have completed #68 -dancing downtown? Maybe I can cross that off the list when I finish #62. Double Whammy.