Big Red

Thanks Amber!



An Atomic Holiday 2011

Last year's Atomic Holiday Bazaar was a blast and I am flattered to have been accepted once again into Sarasota's finest indie craft fair!
Adrian Lucas is the lady behind the scenes and she's fine company to be in with this crowd. She puts in tremendous effort every year to make this event happen and when she announced applications would become available mid April I was mo-ti-vated!

I spent a few afternoons taking photographs of items that didn't sell at last year's shows (I know, major slacking right?) and listing items in my etsy shop and linking to them through Facebook. Then, I sent off my application and hoped that I made a good enough impression last year for her to have me back.

Well what do you know? I did!

I'll be starting to work earlier than I did last year (hello stressball) and will hopefully be able to crank out lots of inventory to keep my shop and my shows full through the end of 2011. I have a big order list to fill with raw copper shapes, enamels, and tools I need to make sure I have plenty of supplies for the season.

I'm excited to get started soon and I'm even more excited that the room I enamel in this time, has its own air conditioner. So, in my spare time you'll probably be able to find me working at the kiln, AC on 65.