Gold Mine

The past month has been a blur!

I've been out of town for three of the past four weekends now and I am so glad to be home. It was all wonderful fun; family and sun all over Florida.

One of those weekends was spent down in Tequesta with my dear friend Megan. The show, Next Wave, was a hit and the opening night party was packed with guests. I met some superb new artists and re-met another Gainesville local who happened to win best in show!

The best part of those three days though, aside from just hanging out and catching up with Megan, was driving to the Lighthouse Art Center classrooms and packing my car full to the brim with enamel and supplies.

This isn't even all of the boxes full of enamels gifted to me by Megan and the art center. The family of a local enamelist donated every last bit of her studio to the center when she died, but her supplies were older and every last one of her enamels is leaded. This meant that keeping them at a children's art school wasn't an option, but having them at my house is just fine!

This is the new kiln. I'm pretty sure my old one can fit inside the chamber of this one.

I'm excited to get working, even if I now have to fire outside on our screened porch. See, the old-school kiln requires a 240v outlet, which we have for our dryer on the porch. The leaded enamels also carry a bit of a risk as far as our pets are concerned. I can wear a mask and wash my hands, but they can't avoid getting the fine residue dust on their feet and fur ingesting it when they groom.

So, now I wait for the heat to dial it back a few notches. Working outside at a 1500 degree kiln when it's already 100+ outside isn't very motivating. I think for now I'll try to organize and catalog the couple hundred jars of enamel that are sitting in my spare bedroom, dreaming while I do of all the new creations they'll create.