Looks like that little art show is getting some attention down south. A small magazine in Sarasota called West Coast Woman is writing a feature on the Bradenton show. The event was originally going to just be listed in the calendar but with it as a feature the writer asked for some photos. Meggan and I spent some time yesterday taking pictures of our things to send her way (and some fun sister pictures just because). These are the ones I passed along.

I realized after I was editing some of these that I only took photos of a few things and those were all similar in shape or color or design. Crap. Maybe I can get Meggan back here in a few days with that fabulous DSLR of hers to take a few more. I took some on my own with my little point-and-shoot but it's just not the same. Look out next week for more photos of more lovelies.

Collin will be on the road to the Palm Beach area for work all day Wednesday and Thursday. This isn't so bad (that money is much needed) and I can enamel Wednesday all night with the pop music station on as loud as I want (without being embarrassed). Thursday he'll miss my allergy skin test but I'm sure I'll take some photos of that fun time. I have a feeling that I won't want to work much after my forearm is injected with all the stuff that makes my immune system work on overdrive.