honeymoon in savannah

Oh my, what a vacation. Seriously this was by far the best trip we've taken together.
Savannah is so romantic. I can see why friends who've been there before love it so much. It's got the easy navigation of a big city but the beauty of gigantic gardens and historic estates.
Everything there is just... pretty.

Here are our favorite photos. Seeing as how my digital camera bit the bullet a week before the wedding, we just took along all the leftover table cameras that weren't used up yet.
I actually kind of like it, things look old-school. But still, I would have rather had my little sony so I could get closeups, photos of us that are actually of us, have the option of no flash... you get what I'm saying.

Our view, before it rained like hell. We still went out to dinner that night and got soaked in the process. I think I ruined my shoes actually. But it was really fantastic. We took your advice Rach and went to Jazz'd for tapas. Some guy was playing old favorites on the piano and it wasn't crowded due to all the rain. The food was fantastic - but Vic's was better. It was only drizzling when we left so we walked around a bit more before getting back to the hotel.

The lovely champagne Rachel had brought to us at the hotel room. We actually brought ourselves a leftover bottle from the wedding and had set up ice in the bucket already - then comes a knock at the door and a guy is just standing there with the bottle in one hand, and a bag of ice in the other. It was priceless. Although until you asked me if I got it, we didn't really know who it was from.
Gainesville love.

Full of Paula Deen's souther buffet food.

I kept a quick journal of the things we did, actually I still have to write our last day, but you know. I'll get to it. This is actually one of my most favorite photos from the trip. I always feel weird saying that when the picture is of me, but I think it captures something about the visit that the other photos didn't. The lighting is just so true-to-life here and I can feel what it was like sitting in that chair watching the rain pour; the tv on with the bed unmade ready for a nap.
Before dinner at Vic's. I wish there had been someone passing by to take one of the both of us. That food was utterly fantastic by the way. The best we had on the trip and surprisingly affordable. We spent less money there than we did at Jazz'd and it was much more upscale. Rachel did it again and had a delicious bottle of wine at our table for us. The restaurant even put a white rose in our table vase (everyone else had orchids). I had the best fried green tomatoes I've ever tasted, and Collin ordered a crabcake entree that was probably as big around as your hand is long. Seriously huge and delicious and I want to eat there every day.

Where we ate breakfast Friday morning.

On the way to Tybee Island. Where apparently, they don't like street signs. We went out with directions to both the marine science center and a local seafood restaurant. No luck on either. After getting pissy and driving alllll the way back, we went to Uncle Bubba's seafood. This is Paula Deen's brother's and was really tasty even if we waited forever there, too. I especially appreciated the fried pickles and wayward kitties roaming the deck.

YAY - goodbye I-95 construction in Georgia!
Our last stop took us to St. Augustine to visit Tom and Melissa, our old (way cool) upstairs neighbors. They moved in December and it's hard to ever get people to visit you when you move so we definitely took advantage of already driving that way. Their new house is crazy awesome. It's a weird little cottage thing, like all the houses in gainesville, but this is the view of the backyard. It is awesome. We had a fire on Friday night, drank a bit and hung out with their dogs. A great way to end the trip.