One week (less now even) until the big show at GLAM!
(What happened to October and November? Sheesh.)

Since my last post I've been trying to finish up the loose ends involved in preparing for my first craft fair. The show down at Vicki's was cake - send my items and show up for the opening party to eat, drink, and maybe talk to a few people about my work and the process. Mostly just eat and drink though.
This one, I have to provide everything I need to both attract people to my area and make me look professional enough to want to buy something. Except the table, that comes with the registration and I am SO EXCITED about that.

Kim over at The Sassy Crafter has graciously put some fabulous tips on her blog for n00bs like me that were an awesome help in addition to the various Etsy.com resources for those just breaking into the craft fair scene. Now, it's all coming together. I cannot wait to take a million photos next weekend of everyone's amazing items and all the pretty smiling faces supporting Gainesville's local artists.

In the past 10 days I...

Enameled on fine silver for the first time. WHY DID THIS TAKE ME SO LONG?
Watched the Gators kick butt - twice!
Raided Smiley's Antique Mall for vintage baroque picture frames
Enameled necklaces, bracelets and another bowl
Perused the Gainesville Fall Arts Festival with Eve, eating an arepa and a mug of lemonade/cherrywine mix
Attended an art show at Daacha where I saw many friends and watched collaborative painting and my friend Adam drumming inside a box.
Spent way too much more money on supplies
Took advantage of and used our new gas fireplace every night since it's been installed
Worked a full 40 hours at the lab
Celebrated with friends for Cindy's birthday at The Top (nom nom corn nuggets)
Walked Early and Foster to the dog park
Got jealous of everyone who had Veteran's day off work
Ate delicious food out in Archer with Gabe and Jen, finally seeing Religulous
Got paid
Listened to Metal played in the second bedroom
Assembled more and more and more for the show
Loved on Lucky all warm from sunshine in the open windows

It has been busy, but lovely.