Big Changes

Wednesday morning Collin had a first interview for a position at UF.
Last night we signed our last papers and picked up the keys to our new place.
Tonight we'll get started with the painting.
Tomorrow I'll finish up our packing.
And Collin will have his second interview.
Saturday is MOVING DAY!
And Sunday is the start of a new year.

I know that the start of the new year in January makes sense numerically and all. I get the whole, winter will be over soon/spring renewal/warming of the earth thing.
But for me?
The new year has always been in August. Maybe it's because my birthday is in August and it's always literally been the 'new year' in my life. Maybe it's because school traditionally starts in August in The South. I know living in rental houses whose leases all have started in August has the most to do with it.
For the past 7 years August meant a fresh start, a new budget, maybe a new neighborhood.
This August means all that and more. Maybe a new job for Collin, new work challenges for myself, and whatever else life can throw at us right now. Bring it on, it all seems to come to good. This next week in my life will be crazy and stressful, but I think we're looking ahead into a bright blue sky.