A few weekends ago, the night we took photos of our work for the art show, Meggan, Ben and I drove one of my armchairs and a small table and 100 feet of extension cord down the block to the Thomas Center gardens. We were there to take photos of Meggan with her fabulous anthropologie inspired birdcage chandelier and get a few sister-shots while we were at it. Thankfully we were familiar with the setup of the grounds and knew right where the electrical box was (and how much length we'd need to make it into that tree). Sometimes you just get the itch to set a scene and make it happen. I want to do something similar again as the bike tire chandeliers Meggan makes were my original inspiration but she'd just sold her only currently finished one. When you have the inspiration, the perfect location and a sister in law with talent and a great camera - why not?

We set up, opened some wine, and played around with scenes and backgrounds until dusk really settled in.

Here are my favorites:

Ben took all our duo photos and I took a few of Meggan by herself. She even sat me down for a couple shots at the end of the night. You can really see the difference in lighting between the two group shots and the portraits of me. I love the blue cast - it's all Alice in Wonderland nighttime glow.

We both fell in love with the blue evening light and tried for a few more photos together. Some were alright but the light fades much faster after the sun sets and before long we both had ghoulish shadows making us both look less than attractive. Without wanting to mess with any other light source or flash we called it a night and packed up our things. Ben used his skillz to drive in reverse back to the house with the chair and all the other goods.

Without getting all sappy - I love these photos. Not just becuase they're photos with my new sister whom I am so lucky to share so many interests with, but because they once again show me how in love with our neighborhood I am. In love. Never a day goes by that I am not aware of how lucky we are to have found a safe and beautiful home, in an area with neighbors who care and gorgeous public spaces to enjoy as we please.