I can't stop listening to the new Metric album.
No really, it's been on repeat for a few hours. It's burned to a cd and tomorrow morning will be put into my cars player. I'm going to guess it won't come out until Collin ejects it to put in something heavy.

This is one of those bands for me. One of those bands whose albums I know I will love before they come out. Take this as my recommendation (not that you think I have any taste in music) that you go get it somehow. I say this fully aware that I am biased entirely. Almost every part of my adult life has a metric song that goes with. Freshman year college parties, to late night city walks in Boston, heady love and heartache in Sarasota, early morning driving on I-75. So much more. It's all there.
Somehow this band ended up as a soundtrack of sorts. I wouldn't have guessed until tonight. Not until I got this latest album for myself. It's new but sounds like all the songs that push old memories right to the front. I would have listed a dozen other bands before Metric - and they would still be appropriate - they all have the same effect. Really, it makes perfect sense.

I'm excited for this - to make new memories to these songs and mark this time in my life so vividly. I know it will happen like the rest. I know that a few years down the line I'll dig this burned and scratched up copy with pink sharpie scrawl from the depths of my Ford Focus and I'll wonder, "What number is that one song with slow intro I loved?".
I'll rub it on my t-shirt to clean it off.
I'll turn up the volume.
I'll roll down the windows.

I'll remember it all.