The woman who runs this event contacted Meggan through Etsy.com the weekend of our art show at Heart's Desire. While I was a little bummed she didn't find me herself (I have Gainesville as my location, too!) Meggan was kind enough to pass on the event information so I could apply for myself.

An email to the SassyCrafter, a week of wait, and I'm in!

The show will be November 22 just a few blocks away at the Thelma Boltin Center downtown. Just one week before this will be the Downtown Arts Festival - a much pricier and bigger event taking over all of downtown with booths full of paintings, glasswares, jewelry and street food. OOOOhhh the street food at an art festival - don't get me started. I already have plans to walk around the festival like usual, but this time with fliers in hand for our own show the next weekend.

I also get to cross another item off my 101 in 1001 list (sell at a local art show).

I know I'll be working like a mad woman with just about a month to make everything I'd like to sell. All while constructing our Halloween costumes (Thor and Sif, husband and wife Viking Gods) and letting myself have fun for Gator football, The Fest/Halloween weekend, and an occasional Thursday Ladies Night at 101 with the girls.
Of course, with all this going on I signed up for another show coming December 4th. My friend Megan (one G - I know a lot of Meg/g/ea/h/ns) works at the Lighthouse Center for the Arts down in Tequesta, FL. She's started an amazing monthly event where young artists come to show/sell and demo their work on a Friday night. Food, music and tasty beverages are all part of the fun and I am really excited to go.
It's been too long since I've seen Megan and I'm all for another opportunity to sell my pieces. I am really nervous about doing a live-demo and talking in front of people though. Something tells me the library card I picked up last week will come in handy as I try to research some more on enameling technique and teaching so I can be clear and concise. I think my worst teaching nightmare involves dropping a piece of 1500F metal and glass, setting fire to the table and building. Unlikely, but my work table at home has the burn marks to prove this has happened before. I don't know if I'll be making much for this show specifically (unless I sell out at G.L.A.M.) but who knows. The show at Heart's Desire ends on November 30th and I am going to try to get anything that didn't sell a few days early to take home with me after Thanksgiving and bring to the LCA event.

Oh, and I have those custom orders from friends and family that have been trickling in these past couple weeks. Thanks facebook, my business appreciates your social networking capabilities!