One Year

I'd be posting all about my wonderful weekend celebrating the opening of the art show and the first anniversary of my marriage.

My nose is buried in my new book.

The Year of the Flood, the latest by Margaret Atwood. I read The Handmaid's Tale in high school and wrote my final research paper in Dystopian Lit juxtaposing Oryx and Crake between it and Brave New World. Sigh. Now this is a sequel (of sorts) to Oryx and Crake and so far, so good. I read she is writing a third for the group and you can bet if things continue as the last 75 pages have I'll be reading it as well. I'm making it obvious that I have a crazy love for utopian/dystopian novels. Anthem was the first (as I'm sure it was for many teenagers in American schools) but it was just the beginning.

Collin bought me this book for our first anniversary. We decided a while ago that it would be fun (and cheaper?) to stick to the time-old traditional anniversary gifts. Paper it was for Year One. He had some help with this pick, but I gave him a few ideas that I would love all involving paper. I was excited to see the package on our couch this past Sunday when we arrived home after our weekend away.
I was also happy to see a bottle of champagne left chilling in our fridge by our awesome neighbor/friend/cat-feeder Craig.

For his gift I ended up purchasing Collin a ticket to go see Deathklok again this year in Orlando when they come on tour. They're playing with two of his other favorite bands even! It may seem more romantic to buy tickets for the both of us but when I really thought about it I wanted to gift him a night away with the boys, too. It's purely coincidence that this second gift actually saved me another forty bucks ;)