Bullet List

The days are moving fast and on this rainy afternoon my brain is being pulled in opposite directions.

Stresses in my life are prompting some thinking on optimism, patience and timing.
Three things I usually think I handle well but about which am frequently reminded I need practice. One day it's like you wake up and realize that every single thing is a shade of gray - that for every bad thing in your life there is a good side. I suppose it has to be true in reverse.

So. Let's start with the good, yeah?


  • The show this weekend is coming up so fast! I ordered supplies from my favorite Etsy.com seller and they were here like lightning - now to get to work!
  • My folding table came in at Wal-Mart and now I have to actually put it together and do a mock setup before this Saturday.
  • Free rides in the AM with my co-worker means I can save more vacation days for vacations.
  • Collin dug out those savings bonds from his grandparents and we're finally going through the steps to deposit them.
  • More subpoenas for Collin are in the mail along with the TurboTax cd from his dad.
  • Charting says my potential monthly lady-woes should arrive the day before the craft show. Perfect.
  • I ordered the wrong jump rings. And I still have no car. No car to get me to the craft store that is all the way out here by work so I can purchase those jump rings I need to make any more finished pieces of jewelry.
  • Setup for the show on Saturday is only about half an hour. This is a very short window and I'm worried about getting everything done in time.
  • I've been waking up early because I can't sleep in the early morning due to the cat (as usual) and anxiety over sleeping late and holding up my friend.
  • Guilt is creeping in a little over putting Collin's savings bonds that his grandparents set up for him towards my our car, my our dental bills and my our credit card debt.
  • Collin's car is driving sluggish getting into first gear (after $1500 in recent repairs) and subpoenas mean extended driving.
  • I hope the work Collin has done for his dad this year won't screw us up with self-employment taxes.
  • Thanks to stress, potential monthly lady-woes might arrive the day of the craft show. Crap.
  • Potential monthly lady-woes might not arrive for the craft show at all. Ugh.