What a Week

I've been working my little butt off enameling every day in preparation for the Valentine's Craft Sale at Boca Fiesta next weekend. This is sadly only due to the fact that I've been home Wednesday, Thursday and Friday thanks to my car being in the shop.

I'm not sure if I can really write about that now. I always feel conflicted with cars. I'm just not knowledgeable but at the same time I know enough and I research what to do. No matter what though, there will be things to find and mis-diagnose and cause me stress.

I am thankful for two things the most:
1) The extended warranty my parents purchased for my car when I bought it. They are covering thousands of dollars in repairs.
2) The nice service associate at Ford for talking with them on the phone for hours to try and make sure I am fully awarded for my eligible claims.

I am having a terribly hard time though, thinking about our trying to get out of debt and the constant setbacks we have had in the last few months. After that first month where it was a breeze to put 1000 in the emergency fund and live comfortably paying our debts as planned we've since not been able to fill it up yet.
Oh. And that emergency root canal ended up being $600 more than the insurance allotted amount for the procedure and was performed by a non-affiliated dentist so it's only covered 20% of that allotted amount. That bill is sitting on our desk, too.

I don't mean to sound like a bummer and get all woe-is-me about our financials but it's hard not to let serious car repairs affect the psyche.

I have tried to have a good week despite all the crap. Part of me wanted to cancel all these plans we'd made that involve spending money but I let it go and decided to focus on the rest of the month instead. Tuesday Cindy and Eve and I got together for ladies night at 101 finally and it was a nice couple hours to chill and eat fancy food on the cheap. It was also pretty great to see the newly remodeled interior and sit on buttery leather benches. After, I went home for a while and met up with Jon to see an outdoor screening of Groundhog's Day at Boca Fiesta for free (minus snacks and drinks). I only wish I'd worn a much bigger coat. Friday Collin was home all day so we walked some bikes down to the shop for trade-in credit towards our own bikes (finally). Saw an old friend there who is about to get married and has a baby boy! We went out to see the Shitty Beatles at Common Grounds later that night and ate up some Big Uli's burgers to close it out. This afternoon we opened up the house and worked in the garden it was just that beautiful.

I know it won't make up for all the car repairs and the dental bill and everything, but maybe just maybe I'll make a killing at the sale next weekend and take a nice chunk out of the 2010 total so far.