Weekend FTW

I posted this photo of new copper hoop earrings on my facebook page last Thursday night and by Friday afternoon they were sold to my friend in Jacksonville.

Now that's a good sign!

I didn't quite work as much as I planned (aka every day) this past weekend but when Monday came I looked back and felt great. Actually, I felt great Sunday night after getting to bed at 1045, realizing that I accomplished everything I set out to do including taking a nap. It was shorter than I wanted, but it was a nap dammit. A good one.

I got home early from work on Friday and started running a computer clean-up protocol that was desperately needed. I still have a couple steps to finish but our home computer is already working so much better. Saturday morning in fact, Collin was able to stream some live soccer and he said it probably wouldn't have been possible had I not cleaned off so much junk the night before. Friday night I also went to dinner with Laura and Cindy for ladies night at The Top. Can I just ask why everyone is getting rid of their damn portobello sandwiches? It's my go-to favorite thing on so many menus and I am having to switch it up constantly now. Come on. I will say I like the addition of fried pickles to the appetizer selections. Always good. Always. I saw Jay working, said hi, and got us some stiffer drinks than usual to start off the night because Collin was super amazing and offered to drive us and pick us up. The benefits of having a husband spending the night in watching soccer and a friend behind the bar. So, instead of enameling when I got home I just hung out with Collin and we went to bed early.
Saturday we lazed around in bed as long as possible before I got up and went out to work. I also wanted to go to the mall and see if I could find a few things for the both of us. Our closets are sad. Well, my closet is sad and his selection of work shirts is small. Anyway I walked around forever and came home with 3 v-neck t-shirts in various colors and patterns. I am so typical. Someday, I will buy something else, I swear. I also drove out to Fresh Market to get a few pumpkins because they were half the price there as any other grocery store in town. Then I stopped in to Publix for my weekly trip. While I was out, Collin kept watching football (not soccer) and cleaned the house. Did I mention how awesome my husband is? He swept and mopped the house, cleaned the stovetop, cleaned the bathroom, and washed our sheets. BAM! By the time I got home I was exhausted and just really really wanted to take that nap. Too bad our friend Jon was headed over to watch the Bama/LSU game that felt like it was lasting forever. By the time it ended, I couldn't justify a nap so I made dinner and hung out at home with Collin until I could go to sleep early.
Sunday I woke up late, after 12 hours of glorious sleep. I made us a quick breakfast while we puttered around and then I made cookies (half of which I burned) to take over to Laura's house for pumpkin carving and snacks. I carved Jack Skellington into mine. Collin carved Lionel Richie. Good times, happy pumpkins. I just hope they won't rot before Halloween like they did last year. With daytime temps in the high 80's all week, I have little hope. Finally I came home and took a nap. No really, we walked in the door and I took off my shoes and got into bed. We were expecting Gabe and Jenn for dinner and TV watching at 5, and it was 4pm. I had well over half an hour for some delicious daytime sleeping and that's just what I did. Then I got up, made another quick dinner and had fun with our friends until about 7. Then I started enameling, popping in and out of the living room to hang out here and there. I managed to fire 8 pieces even while hanging out. Not as many as I hoped for the whole weekend but some is always better than none.

Next weekend is The Fest so my brother and many friends will be in town rocking out. I won't see them much but plan on being brunch hostess to all - come cure your hangover with my bacon. After the cooking, back to more enameling work. This time, I mean it. But I won't be too sad if I get less done than my lofty goals planned.