I am reminded when I come to blog that I have been consistently avoiding all things enameling for most of this summer.

"It's too hot to fire the kiln."
"I still have to move in and finish the house for the party."
"I don't have time to build my work desk yet so I can't set anything up."
"It's too hard to move everything around when we have guests who will stay for football weekends when we need to put the bed down."
"I don't wanna."

But then I look at this and remind myself that it's not so hard to just get started and in one night or so have something gorgeous in my hands.

Something that hopefully others will think is gorgeous come December at the holiday craft shows I have already signed up for and paid the required fees to enter.

Mostly I'm putting off what I perceive as an overwhelming amount of work. I'm intimidated by all the talent I consistently see around me at these shows and the fact that you actually have to pay to get into them this time around which makes me think that my items and display have to be even better this year. I can, in reality, break it down so that it's a reasonable amount of work spread out over the next two months but damn. Just getting that first fire going has been rough. I am constantly putting off doing anything related. I'd rather cook dinner, bake bread, strategize supercoupon shopping trips, or catch up on the TV shows I missed from the night before. I was also supposed to have cable in the new guest room/work room and I don't. So I'm pouting.

Last weekend I made progress though and rearranged the guest room so that I can fit the big 6' folding table in there as a work space while I wait on creating whatever custom desk fits better in the room. It doesn't have to be pretty to be functional. All I really need is a desk, an outlet, and easy access to my stuff. Three things I now have.

This Saturday I will fire a good handful of pieces. Maybe a dozen? I don't think that's too ambitious. Then, Sunday morning when I'm re-watching the Gator game after I make breakfast for us and our guest (home games mean guests) I'll even assemble them into actual jewelry. Yep. It's a plan.
Now to stick to it.