goal fail

So I said I was going to enamel on Saturday, right?
Well I lied.

I did not, in fact, do anything related to enameling on Saturday. Instead I hosted Collin's out of town friend staying with us for the football game after he arrived earlier than I anticipated. When I also realized that the football game would not be on TV I should have decided to stay home and work while listening to it on the radio.
What I did instead was go to a friends house to attempt watching it online through her TV. Too bad we found out after we were all there and the potluck had started that it was not online at all.
So we hung out and ate snacks and chicken legs listening to it on the radio.

I had fun, but if I'm ever going to get this work done, I'm going to have to start declining some invitations from friends eventually.
Sunday didn't happen either after waking up at nearly 11AM, cleaning the house, getting dinner started in the slow cooker, getting a surprise phone call from a friend passing through town who wanted to meet for a late lunch, and then hosting Gabe and Jenn (and Foster pup) for dinner and DVR'd TV premiers.
This weekend was full. And I really needed that early bedtime I gave myself yesterday.

Tonight, Monday night.
September 27th, 2010.

I will enamel several pieces. Start to finish.
Because I already made plans for Tuesday to hang out and watch an interesting DVD
with Adriane while Collin is out kicking around a soccer ball with his buddies. We went out for ladies night Friday night at The Warehouse and got to talking about religion/creation. A while ago my lovely friend Anna invited me to see a Christian astrophysicist speak about his thoughts on evolution and creation. It was a really interesting discussion and she then secretly went and bought the DVD for sale at the end of the event. I'm pretty sure it will lean towards the intelligent design side of the argument, but I have always felt bad about failing to watch it for so long. Tuesday sounds like a great night for it, especially because when talking it sounds like something that aligns greatly with what Adriane believes. She is in grad school for architecture (serious business) so I told her that I would always love to hang out and watch TV or a DVD while she's doing sketches or models. A lot of work for most people in school requires serious concentration, but thankfully a lot of hers can be done while casually hangin', but now that we're not all in school, it's harder to feel comfortable doing work if the other person has none to do. It will make for a great time for me to sit and finish the pieces I'll be doing tonight.
I've planned an easy dinner and everything!
GOALS. Aren't they great?