The Life List : update

Over the summer a few more items have been crossed of my list of 101 things in 1001 days.

First there was #38 - getting renter's insurance.
We had some close calls in the last few years, narrowly missing really expensive damage to our things due to flooding (pipes) and theft. We also now have a dog whom we know would never maliciously bite anyone but who knows what can happen. We're now covered for all of the above and more. Thanks Geico! Not too many like to cover us Floridians for any kind of insurance so I appreciate it simply being available, as well as the ease of online registration and savings thanks to our having auto insurance through them for many years now.

Then a biggie, #60. Quit smoking cigarettes for six full months. Yes! I feel like now I can say I have officially quit smoking. I quit. I did it. Six full months with nothing and I have no desire to have one ever again. At least right now, I'm good. Collin has also taken the steps to quit and has thrown away his last pack since starting at the University. They are a fully non-smoking campus and he can't even have them in his car. I've always said that life changes are the perfect time to quit smoking; a move, new job, substantial new hobby. Something that disrupts your routine in a way that you can effectively remove smoking without noticing while you establish your new habits. Collin's done all three in the last month and is off to a good start. I am happy to support him and I'm happy he sees me as inspiration that we can do it together.

#75 is one step closer, having thrown ourselves a housewarming/birthday/new job party a couple weeks ago. It was a blast and I have a whole year to throw another one and reach my social goal. I think we'll hit the mark and then some.

I also have some items that will be crossed off the list soon enough (so I went ahead and did it already for one). Saturday Collin's Granny Carol is coming to be our inaugural house guest and is taking us to the first game of the football season. So, getting to a Gator game during the 2010 season (#73) is done if you ask me. Collin and I are also going to experiment with not going out to eat except with friends for the whole month of September. After a few months now of couponing we have a fabulous stockpile for ourselves and when I was planning out our monthly meals I noticed we could essentially eat like kings for the whole month with food left to spare and no need to go out. So, because we still have friends and like to do things like spontaneously accept invitations on a Friday night (like last weekend, where we got to then sit outside and listen to the Downtown Plaza concert on top if eating tasty sushi) we gave ourselves the leniency to hit up some of our favorite restaurants. We also have some buffer nights for leftovers or frozen pizza as well as meals planned that will work well for having friends over for dinner or dishes that will be a hit at the next potluck party. I'm looking to cross off #65 (no fast food for one month) by the time October comes, which I'm sure will be way too soon.

Stay tuned for that month of meals I've planned from our kitchen!