Team McLeod : Family Ties

I asked Djamel before hand to pull our parents outside during the rehearsal lunch and take a few romantic portraits. I knew there would be at least a little bit of time that they could get away and 101 Downtown would be a beautiful backdrop. I wasn't sure if there would be enough time with all that would be going on at the wedding to get some nice relaxed shots of them and I didn't want to risk it. I love how these turned out and I know that our parents really cherish them.

My parents, Lori and Brian.
Next year they will have been married for 30 years! We'll be up in Tennessee that time of summer and are happy to help them celebrate. My parents are that rare couple who can live and work and play together and rarely have issues with the closeness. They ran a landscaping company for 25 years together - working side by side almost every single day of my life. Talk about teamwork.
They moved from Venice up to the mountains of Tennessee the same year Collin and I started dating. Our first trip together was a long drive up the East coast; Collin would meet them for the first time and I would get to see the new family home. It was during that trip that I really knew I wanted to marry him. I can't wait to eat wild blackberries off the bush and catch fireflies at night!

Erin and Craig, married 25 years. When they came to Gainesville to celebrate their anniversary earlier this year we laughed about how we'll have to plan a big joint party in 2033 for their 50th and our 25th!
The lovely Mama McLeod. We like to call eachother Mrs. McLeod. She is the most wonderful mother-in-law you could ever ask for, 100%. The McLeod's as a whole have always been so welcoming and warm that I've never had a single worry about marrying their son.

Both of our parents have been the best examples of what it takes to make a strong and lasting marriage. I have no doubt that we will succeed as they have - with a long happy life as husband and wife as proof.
Djamel also pulled us outside for a few portraits of our own. We got a kind of mini-engagement shoot out of the rehearsal coverage and it was great to get comfortable in front of the camera and with Djamel himself. It's been a few years since my modeling days but I think we did alright.

However cool and comfortable the patio furniture looks, it was not easy to pose on. Those slouchy couches are perfect for lounging with a martini and hookah but I'd like to see you try and have good posture while sitting in one.
I like that the fence in this shot frames us with a "101".