Team McLeod : Garden Party

After the ceremony everyone gathered around the fountain for drinks and hors d'oeuvres before the reception. With our formal portraits out of the way we, along with our families and attendants, were able to start the celebration along with everyone else!

The food was scrumptious. Well, from what I ate it was good anyway. One of the bridesmaids made me a plate while we were taking a few photos and I couldn't tell you where it ended up. I do know that it had cheese on it(<3). And some fruit. She did a good job at grabbing me a variety.

Collin loooooved these little pigs in a blanket. Or, excuse me, sausage in puff pastry.

I loved the Mediterranean shrimp cocktail!

The guests were enjoying the food as well - we had so many compliments that night! I'm just glad to know that no one went home hungry. We tried hard to maintain an even mix of vegetarian and meat dishes to be considerate of all dietary choices and restrictions.
Mmm. We served peach lemonade, mint iced tea, blackberry white wine and a variety of beers at the cocktail hour. The beers were supposed to stay inside for the reception, but they brought them out and I didn't even notice until I saw all the guys walking around with one in hand. It's not like I could take them away at that point... I'm just glad we had enough to make it through the rest of the night.

These are my moms sisters, all 5 of them and their families! They all live out west, in Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska and California. It's only at big family events like these that we can all get together and I am so thankful they could all make the trip.

Aunt Carol, cousin Chloe, Great Aunt Joan, Aunt Kaye, Grandma Sis, Aunt Cy, Aunt Marylyn and Aunt Belen.

Forrest and Ali Jae!
Michael, the music man, and his date.
Anna had fun catching fruit in her mouth. She's got good aim.

Collin and a couple of our local Gainesville friends.
I know his eyes are closed in this one, but I love his smile. He's just beaming he's so happy and proud, surrounded by our friends and family.

A group shot of some local guests. These are the friends who are in our lives daily - whom we still feel like we don't see nearly enough.
Near the end of the cocktail hour we had our very own wedding crasher. He called himself - wait for it - Crash. Really though, I wasn't mad once I saw the amazing tie and carnation boutonniere he had drawn on his white t-shirt with a green sharpie. Even matched the wedding colors? You deserve a beer. This didn't mean that I was entertaining the idea of him coming with us into the reception though. Collin was able to snap a picture of us on his camera phone - now, how do I get that shot off of there?