Team McLeod : La Famille

Our family portraits were pretty quick. Still running a few minutes behind we got the shot and moved on. I don't even really remember posing with different sets of people. Honestly I may have stayed in the same spot for the most part and had people change around me - I couldn't tell you.

I do know that the shots we did take, I love. This big group shot has both our families, including grandparents. You may remember that Collin has lots of those.

Get loose!
My favorite portrait of my family. Looking through these there are so many more shots I wish we'd taken the time to get.

I wish I had one with just my brother. Or just my parents, or mom and dad. I wish I had one of Collin with his dad or mom or sister alone. Those are the biggies - the ones I'll always wish we had. Next wedding though, there will be time. Asa and Kat have been together years longer than Collin and I... they're due to get married any day now it seems. Meggan brought her new boyfriend to the wedding and it seems that they will be going strong for a long time. They completely remind me of us when we first started dating so in my mind it's only a matter of time.
I put this one in with the family portraits because well, they really are family. These kids are Collin's siblings, no doubt about it. We took more portraits with our families at the cocktail hour. Catching families when we saw them and happened to have Djamel with us.

Yet another shot I wish I had is one with Fred, our officiant, and his family. After hearing from other recently married ladies I know it isn't uncommon to feel this way. You're usually in one of two camps: you wanted more portraits than you took, or you stood there too long taking more portraits than you could ever possibly want. I guess I should be happy that my patience was only tested for so long and we were able to get the shots that we did.