Team McLeod : The Good Life

We were both taken by surprise when groomsmen Sagar and Sam hoisted Collin up on their shoulders at the start of Weezer's The Good Life. Little did I know that I would be next.

Wahh! Pleeeease please don't drop me!
Safe in the hands of Gabe and Zack, I had so much fun. This was Sagar's first time attending and being a groomsmen in a western wedding. He's a Florida boy, but like I said before we're some of the very first of our friends to walk down this path and his family weddings have all taken place in India. I am so glad he got the guys to help him share this tradition of his own with us.
There was a lot of loud singing from everyone on the dancefloor.

After I stopped worrying about falling off their shoulders, I started worrying a little about my dress falling down off my boobs. Why didn't I put on some of that hollywood tape? I steadied myself on Collin most of the time to try and prevent both.Before we knew it, the song was over. Either that or the guys' arms were getting tired. Either way I was quite triumphant at my ability to roll with it in my wedding gown.
Congratulations on having awesome friends babe!
Then started the hugging. We all knew the night was coming to an end and I knew especially well because we planned the playlist, remember? I think I grabbed onto everyone in the hopes that it would keep the night going.
You can see I already grabbed my cute little clutch I carried at the wedding. It's barely big enough for a couple makeup essentials, my phone, and a slim stack of cash and cards, all a girl really needs.We had one more song left and I'd saved it for last.