Team McLeod : Sixth to Second

On the morning of the wedding I was actually able to sleep in. Well, as long as I could considering all that needed to be done (and how excited I was!!). I think the only reason I didn't wake up super freaking early like I usually do was the after 1am bedtime. After the Thursday night bachelorette party and Friday night fun-fest I was beat. After fixing up myself enough to be presentable at the salon, I started working on the last of the flower arranging. My mom, Kathryn and Aunt Kaye came over to help me tie up the stems with ribbons and pretty pins. My bouquet was much more lovely than I had imagined it would be and so far, the day was starting out right!

Around noon, we made our way over to Sixth Street Station, the salon where we would be getting our hair and nails done. I already had gone for a full manicure on Wednesday before the festivities even began so that I would have nice nails for the bachelorette and rehearsal and also cut down on the time I'd be sitting in the manicurist's chair. Both times I picked a classic sheer peachy pink. I'll admit I was a little disappointed when she told me we wouldn't have time to do a french manicure the day of the wedding but my nails looked fabulous anyway.

Kat picked out the same color as me!

After our nails were dry enough not to ruin the beautiful job Doris did, we moved to the main building to work on the tresses. Meggan and Janie, two more bridesmaids met us there.

We moved into our current home about a year and a half before the wedding and it's been my best decision yet. We love the neighborhood and we have made good friends with many of our neighbors. Especially Craig and Andrew - both of whom share a room at the salon. How convenient!? Andrew is the updo man so while Craig usually cuts and colors my hair, today I was in Andrew's capable hands. I went and did two trials with him the month before and we settled on a style that mixed traditional with modern and would also not give me a headache. My hair is quite thick and a lot of styles we tried were just too heavy.

My mom opted to wear her hair half-up with curls. Lots of curls.

Meggan wanted big curls as well. After what felt like forever under the hot air dryer, Craig gave her big blonde waves.
I see you.I thought about consulting the spin board... for about a minute.

Kat loved her own big waves as well. She has lots of layers in her hair and it looked fabulous all night long!
Then it was my turn. I came to the salon with day-old dry and semi-straight hair. Just what he asked. I was surprised how quickly my mop turned into this:

Hairspray and bobby pins sure do bring me back to my dance recital and cheerleading ompetition days. ::cough choke gag::All finished. I just love it! All that's left is to pin in my flower comb and eventually that flowing veil.

Thanks guys! I'm starting to feel like a bride alright - the last time I had a professional updo was for junior prom.
The whole time we were at the salon, I was trusting Collin and the groomsmen to get everything together and ready to haul down to the Thomas Center at 2pm. Things like getting the cases and cases of alcohol into coolers with ice, bringing down the boxes of linens and getting ahold of Micahael - my co-worker who was amazingly providing 90% of the musical equipment and his dj skills. So far that morning, no one had heard from Michael and I was starting to get worried. I didn't want to get all "bridezilla" (ugh, I hate that phrase) but around 1:45 when we were leaving the salon to get back home Collin called and said that Michael was at the house with his truck full of equipment. They were headed to the Thomas Center right then.
This is that moment. I was so incredibly relieved.
Little did I know that scenes like this were unfolding at the house and everything really was going according to plan.

Trying not to bump my spiffy 'do on my car I drove myself and Mom and Kat home with me to Second Street where we would part ways so they could go pick up their dresses and get made-up. At home I waited for the bridesmaids to arrive, directed setup traffic, and tried not to stress as the minutes counted down. Just an hour and a half until we would see eachother for the first time in our wedding finest!