Team McLeod : Love You Madly

The most delicious cake I have ever eaten right here. Hands down, no contest. And isn't it pretty? When Cake's "Love You Madly" starting playing from the speakers I knew it was finally time to taste it, too.

The topper was made the night before out of a floral foam sphere and some skewers and button mums. Granny Carol said it looked like a hedge ball. I don't really know what that is. I just wanted something floral and modern - and I loved the results!

The layers, from bottom up: sour cream pound cake with lemon curd and raspberry mousse, chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse, and two layers of cheesecake. When we ordered the cake, we didn't plan on saving the top and ordered appropriately for that. However, when we got home we found the whole top tier as well as 3/4 the bottom tier in the fridge.

The cake was covered in buttercream with minimal fondant (just the thick bands). Our baker doesn't work with fondant the way most wedding cake makers do these days and I'm glad - buttercream is just so silky and lovely. Jenny Wagner made the confection and we had a great time working with her during the process. Her pricing was fair, her shop is local and she served us cake when we went into our meeting to talk about designs and pricing. That sealed the deal.

If only we had a sweet Scottish sword to cut this cake with or something. Instead we used a crystal-handle set that I purchased on sale when I was shopping with Erin. Too bad I broke the cake-server part before the wedding.

Open wiiiiide.
We're nice and we love each other so we didn't do any smashing. Not even any little dabs on the nose. Maybe we're no fun, but he knew full well how much time was spent on getting made-up as well as how expensive our photographer was - he respected my wishes to not have butter and sugar all in my pores. If he wasn't going to smash me, I wasn't going to smash him; deal's a deal.
Mmmm buttercreeeammmm.
Hey! We want cake, too!

After the cake was cut we guided everyone out into the main room while the caterers were portioning slices onto plates. Your cake will come soon, I promise. We shared our leftover cake with co-workers, friends and neighbors (with some kept for ourselves for sure). I still think about that cake a lot, nearly every time I drive down by the bakery.

I think that for our anniversary I might get a few slices from her - I think waiting a year for a craving is long enough.