Team McLeod : First Look

Collin waited patiently at the bottom of the stairs to see me for the first time as his bride. His mom pinned his tartan for him while I was getting on that gown and everyone else packed themselves on the empty side of the porch.
"Can I come out yet?!" Communication is key and this is just one funny memory I have where there was a definite communication breakdown. See, I was on the other side of the door for a good couple minutes (which to me seemed like, forever.) knocking on it so they would tell me if he was ready and in place. I didn't want to walk out while his back was turned or he was distracted by conversation.

Finally, I cracked the door and started yelling, "Is it time yet or what?! Can I come out already?!!" - it was met with a resounding "YES!!". They were all waiting in place the whole time figuring I had some last-minute primping to do. Pshhh. I just wanted to see my man.

This smile says it all. Both of our smiles actually. I have the I-can't-smile-any-bigger-so-I-have-to-open-my-mouth look going on. Collin is just plain smitten. How handsome is that groom of mine?
I don't know how long you're supposed to let them "look" but I couldn't help rushing down the stairs to give him a big hug and kiss. Our wedding day was finally here!
I also gave Collin a little surprise present he didn't expect; left-handed scissors. I can't tell you how many wedding crafts I needed help with and the simplest, easiest, time-saving task is always cutting. Well, without left-handed scissors in the house Collin never could pitch in with this. Righty scissors just don't work for a lefty and that pouty look on his face after he would try just got me every time. I had been keeping this surprise for months by October.

All dressed up and ready to go, we stashed the scissors in the house and did a last sweep to make sure we weren't forgetting anything. Oh right! The flowers. Gabe locked up and we made our way down our street to the Thomas Center.

I had imagined this scene for so long. Everyday I drive past the Thomas Center on my way to work, the grocery store, or anywhere really. On a one-way road, it's impossible to avoid. My heart would swell and I would picture us all walking down together, an extended processional.

There was something peaceful and magical about that short time between home and our venue. We held hands and talked quietly about how excited we were, how everything is coming together just perfectly. It felt like the world was saturated; I did my best to look around and soak in the green of the trees, the sun and all the love that surrounded us so completely.