Team McLeod : Isn't She Lovely

As hard as it was to pick a first dance song for Collin and me, it was even harder to pick something for my dance with my dad.

I'm a sentimental daddy's girl no doubt about it, so almost every standard father-daughter song I heard made me cry. Either that, or they just didn't represent us at all and I couldn't bring up an emotional response. Song after song - no dice. Until one day driving home from work I got tired of the cd in my player and switched on the oldies station for the rest of the drive; Stevie Wonder saved the day.

Why hadn't I thought of looking for a more upbeat song before? I didn't have to give up my desire for an emotional connection to save myself from the dreaded "ugly cry", I just had to pick a song that made me overwhelmingly happy instead.
My dad turned out to be quite the dancer. Never a shy guy, he ended up being such a hit on the dancefloor all night!

Like I did on his arm walking down the aisle, dancing with him made me simply beam. I could feel how happy he was - so proud to dance with his daughter on her wedding day. To let loose and celebrate the incredible joy and love of the day. It really was catching.
The end of the song faded into the first dance song of the night. Our guests weren't the shy type so there was already plenty of dancing going on before the cake cutting, but this was the official start; no more slow songs, bring on the jam.
Saturday Night by the Bay City Rollers started blaring and the entire ballroom started clapping together, shouting the words. As a nod to Collin's dad and their familial love of the movie So I Married an Axe Murderer I knew from (almost) day 1 that this would have to mark the start of the dancing. I'm glad to report that no "piper's went down"!