Team McLeod : Passing the Torch

Apparently there are people out there who hate the bouquet toss. Hate. It. Being the first among our friends to get married, we didn't run into this problem whatsoever. I can't imagine having to try and coax our friends out onto the dancefloor for this, but like I said, those people do exist.

Here's my "Can I throw it yet? Are you guys ready for this?!" face. It's lovely.One, two, three...
Who will it be?!See how I had to practically drag those ladies out, kicking and screaming, to catch the bouquet?
And Anna takes it for the win. Honestly, she's the person I was aiming for in my mind when I tossed that baby over the rail. She doesn't want to get married right away or anything, but I know it's something she sees for her future - something that not every one of our friends does. A few others may have even stepped out of her way!
Coincidentally, she and her current boyfriend started dating just days after the wedding and have lots of future plans. Not one to casually date, when she starts seeing someone we know it's serious. She has one more year of grad school left before she'll be called Doctor and he's planning to spend the summer doing mission work in Africa. If anyone can make it through a long-distance relationship, it's her, and I have my fingers crossed in my mind that someday I can tell the story about how they got married thanks to Anna catching my bouquet.