Team McLeod : Mr. and Mrs.

We spent a few minutes alone right after the ceremony to enjoy finally being husband and wife.
That doesn't mean we weren't ourselves :)I think this photo really captures the very first moments we were alone. I've already ripped off the veil that kept catching the grass and he's holding my bouquet for me. That's love.

Looking on at our guests walking over to the fountain for the cocktail hour.
Gotta love the obligatory shoe shot.
I originally wanted to do all of our portrait-style photos before the ceremony so we could fully enjoy our cocktail hour with everyone else. I am glad that we still took these photos to make up for the short time we had after all the bridal party and family shots earlier. I just love my dress in this one.
I am happy that the tartan sash is still on me in many of these photos, too.

You can really see how GORGEOUS the Thomas Center is in this shot. This wasn't even half the building (we were in the other side for the reception). Another shot I should have specified - a photo of the whole building...


Oh man, huge smiles all around. These next photos come from the last part of the cocktail hour. We got antsy and fidgety during the first round with all our guests having fun in full view. After a break for hanging out Djamel pulled us aside for just a few more photos. Some solo this time.

Some with us giddy and goofy.

And some of my favorite photos of Collin ever.

Now - time to start celebrating!
And eat! Can't forget about all the delicious food and drink
and our guests still waiting for us at the cocktail hour.