Team McLeod : The Little Things

One thing is for sure, I should have asked for more detail shots of our reception space. I just didn't think to explicitly ask for certain shots that I wish I had. Things like the centerpieces, menus, favors and the upstairs tables. I don't think I even have a single shot of the mezzanine.
I do have a few detail shots that Djamel captured for us - the little things that you hope will make the night extra special.

There were two large wooden fireplace mantles in the Long Gallery where we set up the buffet, cake and tables for gifts and the like. I had seen several styles for displaying family photos, but once we knew we would be booking the Long Gallery, I knew where ours would go. Something about family pictures on a mantle just says "home" to me.

I brought my grandma in to see the photo display when she saw the picture of her and my grandpa. He passed away pretty suddenly about two years before the wedding and never had the chance to meet Collin himself. He was my only grandpa (my mom's dad died when she was just 4 years old) and I was lucky to live just a few blocks from them my whole life. He and my dad owned a fishing charter business together and my favorite memories of him are on that boat.
Their own wedding pictures were destroyed during a hurricane many years back but she gave me a shot of them just after getting married. How young they look! My grandpa looks especially cute trying to hide the cigarette in his hand. I know taking the time for these special photos made my grandma's night - she has a lot of grandchildren and I would never say I'm the "favorite" but I am the youngest of them all and it was nice to feel that grandpa was there for my wedding, too.
Our tartan sashes. Granny Carol's neighbor lives half the year in Scotland and surprised us all when she returned from one of her trips with some authentic McLeod tartan in hand. Looking at the traditional styles online, I tried to come up with a design for us that wasn't too overwhelming or stuffy. A simple 'Fly Plaid' style would work well for Collin (and was a rectangular piece of fabric, so, also easy). I decided to go with a non-traditional placement for my own; over the left shoulder and draped down the back instead of across the front. Honestly both vanity and comfort factored into this - I wanted to incorporate the sash, but I didn't want it to overwhelm my outfit. I also wanted it on the left side to balance my tattoo and match Collin's sash placement for photos.
The crown brooch in the middle of the rosette was a gift from Collin's mom. She has a large collection of crown pins and let me pick my favorite for the sash ceremony. One of her friends was even able to stitch a hook and eye discretely on the sash and my dress to help during the ceremony - perfect! Collin's had his own McLeod kilt pin for quite some time so it was an easy pick. I did do some light stitching to keep the sash gathered over his shoulder for the day.
The thank you cards that went with our favors; hand-thrown little pottery bowls filled with fruity candy 'chips' as I like to call them. Erin and her friend Kimmie spent many days in the pottery studio crafting these little babies and they were so beautiful. We had quite a few left over so many were given as gifts or to family who wanted a second (or third) but were sure to keep a number for ourselves too. They're perfect for little snacks, jewelry or other little things.
Chelsea's cupcake. My former roommate from Sarasota is cute as a freaking button and the little angry cupcake she has tattooed on her leg confirms it. Djamel had a total crush on her all night. If only they weren't both gay.

The seating chart family tree. It may be hard to see in this photo, and the colors are kind of off, but I painted a giant sign to display the escort cards. Each person or couple had a leaf and I arranged them against a painting of trees I worked on for months before the wedding. Collin and I are in the middle, and each of our families extend from us with lines connecting the members of our family trees. My idea was to let all our guests know who was who; that standing there looking for your name, you can see how all the other people around you know us too. We even connected parents and kids of family friends on other parts of the trees. It took a long time to organize and paint, but this was one of my favorite projects during the DIY frenzy.
This last photo is a shot of the gorgeous glass ceiling that topped the ballroom. Wouldn't a daytime ceremony be just lovely in here, all flooded with light? It let us transition from day to night easily as the sun set during dinner and I know I caught more than one guest gazing upward at the whole scene.