Team McLeod : This is the Day

There was a summer once, sometime in the late '90's, when the five of us girls hung out almost every day. Rotating among our houses we seemed to travel in a pack. One thing that was for sure - Empire Records was in someone's bag. That movie was played hundreds of times. So many times I am surprised the tape (yes, tape) didn't completely warp. If you've seen the movie yourself you should remember the ending scene. All of the friends, their movie-problems solved, dancing on the roof of the store to "This is the Day".

Just like the first song of the night, I knew this was the tune to close the dancefloor. It's sentimental for us and the lyrics were more than appropriate on our wedding day.
"This is the day, your life will surely change. This is the day, when things fall into place."
We even used this song on our wedding website; one more element to add consistency. That also meant most of our guests knew the song even if they'd never seen the movie. Oh yeah, it was also in an M&M's commercial not too long before the wedding... that may have also been why people knew it. I still say it's because they couldn't stop looking at our amazing website ;)
It was almost like we couldn't contain how happy we were. I didn't want the reception to end but I was looking forward to the after party we'd organized downtown.
So we went out with a spin...
And then I stole Forrest's sunglasses.

And tried my hardest to freeze time.
Shouts of joy and laughter filled the room when the song was over and as if on cue, all the guests started moving toward their seats to collect their things. The house lights came up and the soundtrack changed to a metal guitar version of Canon in D (I know, we're awesome).
We didn't have a big send-off with all our guests - mostly because we knew we weren't leaving the Thomas Center right away. There were people to coordinate, parents to direct and Collin couldn't keep himself from helping to break down all the music gear. Those going to the after party made their way down to The Top and a few people stayed to help where they could. We walked back down to the house to relax for a few minutes and let our parents in. They generously offered to shuttle all the stuff from the Thomas Center back to our house. Things like gifts, centerpieces, coolers full of leftover food and drink, decorations, you name it.

Once everything and everyone was accounted for, we locked the door behind us and started walking downtown ourselves. Party #2 - here we come!