Team McLeod : The Magnificent Seven

While all the guests found their tables and made their way inside from the cocktail hour the wedding party gathered and lined up in the Long Gallery before our introductions. Not that everyone wasn't already mingling around the fountain, but we definitely wanted to give our attendants some of the spotlight and make sure all our guests knew who the VIP's were.
We picked The Magnificent Seven by the Clash as the entrance song, it had a good upbeat intro and -how fitting- we had seven attendants each.
Tyler took to the mic and introduced everyone in the same order as the processional. Consistency is key.
Meggan had a lot of fun with this.
My brother and Kat were all smiles - I just love her dress, it even had pockets!
I should say all smiles until Ty said my brother's name wrong. Story of his life...
Just so you know, if you meet someone named "Asa" it's pronounced ace-ah not ass-ah. One more thing to add to the list of funny memories.
Anna and Kevin got down.
Kara and Forrest worked those glasses.
Ashley and Sagar - both joked that we paired them up by color. Too bad we matched them by height (haha shorties).
Lastly the littles. It's funny that they were the "junior" attendants because by the time the wedding actually rolled around, Thomas was a good few inches taller than some of the groomsmen and Collin himself.
Now introducing for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Collin and Lindsey McLeod!
We waved and said hi to the guests seated around the mezzanine balcony and before we knew it our song started and it was time for our first dance.