Team McLeod : Good Eats

A sweetheart table to ourselves was one of the best decisions I could have made for our reception setup. At first I felt strange, exclusionary. Then after trying as hard as I could to fit any sort of "head table" in there for our massive bridal party, I resigned to the idea. It took me a little while but I came around and started to get excited. This photo really sums up what I was hoping to see when we sat for our meal - a room full of happy people eating and talking and laughing together.

I wanted so badly to just dig in and eat second servings of everything we had available. My nerves got the best of me though and I could hardly finish a single plate. I was just too excited! The setup also gave our guests the opportunity to come talk to us as they felt comfortable. They either wanted to just say "hi" and "congratulations" or thank us for serving pizza at a wedding!

Mmmmmmmmm Satchel's pizza. The best place to get a pie in Gainesville has one hell of an awesome owner because he helped me work out the logistics of ordering, re-heating, and serving almost 20 pizzas! Our friend Duke was eager to help us where he could so we took his offer up and asked him to be our pizza man. Working in the basement kitchen, Duke was in charge of receiving the delivery and heating/slicing the pizzas before bringing them up to the buffet.

mozzarella with fresh tomato and basil
portobello mushroom and red onion
zuchinni and roasted red pepper
pesto with black olives and feta cheese
ricotta with artichoke, spinach and garlic
amaranth and fresh garlic
tempeh with brocolli (vegan, gluten and dairy free)
meatball with caramelized onion
pepperoni and portobello mushroom
spicy sausage and bacon
steak and green peppe
ham and pineapple

We also had Satchel's deliver 80 servings of their famous salad. This bad boy has leafy greens, walnuts, sunflower seeds, tomato, cucumber, onion, feta, green apple, carrots, and their house vinagrette. SO GOOD.
We also splurged on buying a gallon of caesar dressing from another pizza joint, Leonardo's, to serve with the other salad option. Hey, we're caesar conoisseures, what can I say?

Other entree options for the night were prime rib with peppercorn and horseradish sauces, lemon dill baked salmon, roasted root vegetable medely and hot rolls